CommSpeed - A Pioneer in Broadband Technology

CommSpeed provides our customers with next generation wireless broadband services that enable fast, simple and reliable communications, anytime and anywhere within our coverage area. Our advanced 4G network combines the best features of Cellular, Cable Modem & DSL, and WiFi networks, without the inherent limitations associated with these legacy systems. While cellular, cable and telephony networks were originally built to handle voice or video services, ours is the first widely deployed network that was designed and built, from inception, to deliver a full range of broadband content and applications.

We're passionate about great service

We hear the stories. Phone companies that provide customer service representatives who are anything but representative of fine service. Endless hold times. Several call transfers to answer a simple question. Our service is better, and we want you to love us and to love our products, so here's how we're providing great service to you, our valued customer.

Did we mention no contracts?

CommSpeed understands life can sometimes throw you a curveball. With our service you'll never be stuck paying for something you don't want! There's never a contract to sign with CommSpeed's residential services because we don't feel you should be forced to do business with us. At CommSpeed we believe our quality service should compel you to stay with us, not a contract. We prefer customers who want to do business, rather than customers that have to.

Hardened, reliable network infrastructure

CommSpeed's recent upgrades to its network infrastructure make it faster, more reliable, and redundant. What does this mean? Less outages for you and more options to keep your services running for us. CommSpeed's links are FCC licensed to help prevent any outside interference on our network, unlike some WISPS running on the open, free, 2.4ghz spectrum.

About Us

The CommSpeed Story

Founded by cable and telecommunications pioneer Bruce Merrill in January of 2000, CommSpeed is the fastest growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) in our service areas. We are the largest privately held provider of high-speed wireless internet services in the nation. But don't let that scare you. We like to still think we're pretty small. In fact, we pride ourselves in providing innovative technology backed up with personal, guaranteed customer service.

Even though you may not have heard of WIRELESS BROADBAND yet, we think once you try it, you'll love it.