Internet Consumption Guide

CommSpeed Internet Consumption Overview

The Internet has seen tremendous growth in total usage over the last year. New applications are being developed everyday and these applications are causing an ever increasing demand for bandwidth. Quite simply, the content of the Internet has evolved. The downloads of digital content; streaming television shows, live sporting events, full length digital motion pictures, music, online gaming, etc…have made a broadband internet connection the primary source of home entertainment. Because speed of delivery and quality of service is important, CommSpeed has invested millions of dollars over the last 12 months, both hardening network for better reliability and adding capacity for better throughput performance.

Here at CommSpeed we understand that measuring your internet consumption is no easy task. CommSpeed will provide the tools to help the subscriber monitor their internet consumption however, it is up to the subscriber to stay within their internet consumption allowance. If the subscriber consumes more than the monthly allotted internet consumption amount, that subscriber will be charged an additional $2 per gigabyte fee on their next monthly statement. Any consumption between the hours of midnight and 6:00am will not count against your total internet consumption.

The information provided below is to be used as an example to help CommSpeed subscribers determine which one of our two rate plans will be most effective for their internet experience. The numbers provided below reflect the consumption patterns of an average internet user.

Average user with a 10GB allowance
Total Gigabytes Used = 9.9GB
Actual internet consumption may vary.
  Per Month Total Bandwidth Consumed
General Internet Browsing 100 hours 500MB
Email Communication (total sent/received) 400 emails 20MB
Internet Phone Service 500 minutes 1.1GB
Music Downloads 100 Tracks 600MB
Movie Streaming 3 movies 6GB
Online Gaming 100 hours 1.5GB

As you can see certain internet habits consume more bandwidth then others. For example, the internet consumption of a single movie could be used to browse the internet for an additional 400 hours. So, things like streaming movies or downloading large files will have a bigger impact on your internet consumption then viewing emails or streaming music. It is very important for each CommSpeed subscriber to monitor their internet consumption to avoid additional fees.

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